This story began in one kingdom. Once upon a time, when the world was ruled by kings, there lived a simple farmer named Jack, who sowed fields, baked bread, and paid his taxes. Jack always had a dream that was not destined to come true ever. He was in love with the daughter of the king ... But one day, when Jack went to the city, he overheard a conversation between two guards in the shopping area. They talked about the fact that a villain has kidnapped the daughter of the king, and the king needs to abdicate the throne and hand over power to him as ransom. Scared Jack paused to listen to the rest of the guards conversation. The king promised to marry his daughter to the one who can save her ... Not giving it a second thought, Jack got to work Controls: Left arrow - move left Right arrow - move right Shift - jump Control - throw axe Minimum system requirements: Keyboard, mouse Audio playback device (if you want to enjoy the music of the game) Monitor (VGA Compatible)



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